This program has really helped me see that there is more in life than what I had known before. They have shown me there are people willing to support a person like me. The program also helped me form a brotherhood with the guys here and they have really supported me when I had tough times.

~Junior Mentor Participant

Junior Mentor Graduation at VSP 2021.png



We provide a holistic, full-circle experience for each person we touch as we create a safe community for all. We are there for our community from incarceration, to release, through post-release. We treat each person and their journey as unique, and we honor each step in that journey. We accept setbacks and relapses and journey through those without judgment, just as we cherish achievements and celebrations. While our sweet spot is the incarcerated 18–25-year-old population, we support all affected by the carceral system. Join us and contribute to individual fulfillment, family reunification, productive communities, and systemic transformation. 


  • Increased our offerings of in-prison programs

  • Created correspondence curriculum during COVID to allow our incarcerated community the opportunity to “leave” their isolation without shifting geography

  • Upped our reentry game to accommodate release into a world in which that isolation continues.

  • Offered our “Family Dinner” restorative monthly circles virtually and are starting back with our in-person gatherings and circles

  • Bridged the gap from in-prison to post-release through our “Freedom Bus” as we drive people home upon parole with a first meal, shopping trip, and a compassionate driver to process the experience of coming “home” before landing there

  • Contributed to the therapeutic magic of the Valley State Prison Youth Offender Dog Training Program

  • Helped to create and fund the first dog park in a California prison to begin to shift the experience of incarceration

Bottom line - We support our community, participants, their families, and reunification any way we can. At the same time, not only our actions, but our voices speak for systemic change.

$50 Provides 3 dogs and their trainers with supplies for a month

$100 Provides supplies or a gathering space for 1 restorative circle

$25 Provides a birth certificate or state ID for one person

$300 Provides professional driving lessons for one person

$700 Provides a ride home on the Freedom Bus with a meal, essential supplies, gas, and a driver stipend

$1,000 Provides 1 year of rehabilitative programming for one person in prison

$3,000 Provides supplies for a class of 50 participants in a prison program

$5,000 Provides one month of intensive case management for all reentry community members

$50,000 provides one program to 50 incarcerated youth for one year

2021 Junior Mentor Graduation at Valley State Prison




ReEvolution is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was initially created by those with lived experience and those who walked beside them with the same dream. “What if?” we said. And so ReEvolution was born to create initiatives to reduce incarceration and recidivism, to heal harm, and to build strong communities. Walk with us to further that dream. 

We started ReEvolution by creating programs specifically for those in the “Youth Offender Program,” the 18–25-year-old population housed in adult prisons; we identified a particular need for that as evidenced by the highest recidivism rate of any age group, and the legislation and brain science in support of giving youth a meaningful first chance. Our leadership, reentry preparation, and circle of harm curriculum all integrate the brain development of, and trauma experienced by, that age group. We quickly evolved to address the needs of system-impacted folks of all ages. In fact, we provide the most intensive reentry services to juvenile lifers – those that were incarcerated as youth and come home 15, 25 or 40 years later - where the need is great. We walk with our reentered community from the moment they parole, and we stay with them for support, individually and as a community, for as long as they want. Say hello to our “Freedom Bus,” “Family Dinner Restorative Circles” and ongoing individual reintegration support of all kinds.