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Welcome to ReEvolution's online booking portal.

We look forward to connecting with you!
ReEvolution works with system impacted people, both in and out of the prison system, as well as invested community members. We give particular focus to youth offenders and juvenile lifers.
While we have programs and services for those currently in CA state prisons, most of the services one can book here are geared toward people who have reentered society. Some of our services can be offered online to people throughout the state and even the greater U.S. while some of our services are offered in-person currently in the greater Los Angels metro area. Recognizing the needs of individuals and communities are ever-changing, we are always open to someone reaching out with any need or ask and we'll do our best.
The types of assistance we provide include:
~Assistance obtaining birth certificates, social security cards, and state IDs
~Assistance navigating the process to get a driver's license
~Financial literacy, credit building, and budgeting
~Computer and technical literacy
~Assistance getting health insurance or general relief/welfare benefits
~Domestic violence counseling/legal advice
~Assistance navigating unemployment assistance
~Resume/job preparedness and employment assistance
~Assistance applying for school, vocational trainings, and financial aid
~Emotional support and well being/Community events
While housing isn't a resource we have to provide, we may know of policies or resources depending on your situation and geographical area. Reach out to us if you're needing assistance with housing and, as with all needs and geographical areas, we'll try to connect you with resources near you. We collaborate with service providers all over the state in the hopes that at least one of us will be of service.
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