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We facilitate a circle of intergenerational healing and support to reduce the risk of incarceration and recidivism.

Who We Are

We are a network of people building resilience and creating positive change in individuals and communities impacted by incarceration. While embracing all those who are system-impacted, we give particular focus to youth, incarcerated youth offenders, and formerly incarcerated juvenile lifers. We provide programs that span prevention to reentry as we leverage our collective experiences, relationships, and resources to bring awareness, healing, and change full circle.

Providing a container for deep empathy alongside a message of healing, hope, and the offering of practical skills, we address trauma, substance abuse, gang culture, violence, institutionalization, and shame through restorative practices. We strive to increase accountability, responsibility, and compassion to build new individual and community values so the risk of incarceration and recidivism is reduced. We collaborate to inspire collective renewal and to create solutions to generations of harm and inequity.



Barbara Van Sickle

David Bonde

Drew Schmidt

Eric Richardson

Jon Burgess

Kristy Dinsmoor

Paul Bocanegra


Our circle of healing starts with self-discovery and leadership building with incarcerated youth in our youth offender Remix program. Our goal is to encourage our youth to step more fully into who they want to be against a backdrop of a new understanding of their journey. We follow our participants throughout their incarceration and invite them to continue working with us when they rejoin the “free world” through our Reentry Collective.

Our Reentry Collective provides a welcoming community for each person’s continuing passage to self-discovery. We provide a safe space for our members as we support their successful navigation of the “free world.” Those members of the Reentry Collective who wish to work with our Restore program, to provide guidance and preventative education to youth, have the opportunity to do so. In this light, we come full circle as those who have been through the system dedicate themselves to serving those living through the same circumstances they did, but with the opportunity for a different outcome.


Remix is our Junior Mentor program designed to bring forward self-awareness and leadership qualities to an advanced group of incarcerated youth from within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's Youth Offender Program (YOP)...


We offer support, resources, coaching, and community to the formerly
incarcerated and their families through our Reentry Collective. We help foster
successful reentry as we deal with the real challenges presented after years of
incarceration and work on skills to overcome them.


We restore optimism and opportunity for youth as our formerly incarcerated mentors share their knowledge and experiences with the goal of providing
unique insight and accompanying change.


There are several ways you can contribute. Join the effort by making a donation. As a nonprofit, your donation is 100% tax deductible! We also welcome professional support if you have a skill you'd like to volunteer and we continually seek logistical support for our reentry population. Look at our job postings, internships, and volunteer opportunities to see where you fit in. Follow us on Facebook, like our page, and spread the word.


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