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Our Programs

ReEvolution is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those affected by the incarceration system. Our programs extend support to a wide range of individuals, including the formerly incarcerated, currently incarcerated, and the friends and family who share their journey. 


For the formerly incarcerated, our Re Entry Collective programs offer a path to reintegration into society by providing education, job training, and counseling services. We believe in empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to rebuild their lives and make a fresh start. 


In addition to our support for the formerly incarcerated, we recognize the importance of assisting those currently within the correctional system. Through educational initiatives and rehabilitation programs, we aim to facilitate personal growth and development, fostering a more hopeful and productive outlook for those in confinement.


Furthermore, ReEvolution understands that the impact of incarceration extends beyond prison walls. We provide resources and counseling services for the friends and family members of individuals involved in the justice system, recognizing that their support is vital in the process of rehabilitation and reintegration. Our holistic approach ensures that we address the needs of the entire community affected by incarceration, promoting understanding, healing, and positive change.

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