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Getting a CA ID or Real ID

First, what's the difference between an ID and a Real ID?

Different states have different requirements for their state IDs. Because of this, the Real ID has established a set of rules and requirements which satisfy the requirements of all states - making your ID valid no matter where you go.

To get a basic CA state ID - you need to bring 

To get a Real ID - you need to bring ONE original "Identity Document" and TWO documents proving "Proof of California Residency." You must also be able to provide you full Social Security Number. The list of approved documents for each category can be found HERE. Please note - if you don't have the residency documents in your own name, you may use a relative's (parent, child, spouse/domestic partner) residency document if you live at the same address and can provide a document (such as a birth or marriage certificate) showing the relationship.

We suggest that you download the CA DMV app on your phone for easy access to make appointments, find forms, and more.


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