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Ideal Scene...

We are a collective of facilitators, therapists, case workers, and community builders looking for a space to accommodate our growing services. At a minimum, we need an open/flex space that can hold our workshops (consisting of circles of about 25 chairs) and at least one separate room we can use for conference meetings. We're thinking a minimum of about 2,000 sq ft but flexible depending on how it's laid out. We could make use of more rooms or a more dynamic space, but that's the minimum requirement. We are looking for something near one of the train lines for ease of access. We do need some kind of kitchen/ett. Sccess to some kind of outdoor space would be great but not required. Parking is important, be it good neighborhood parking or a lot of some kind. Our budget is about $8,000 a month. We're looking for around a 3 year lease for an immediate start but these are flexible. For all potential spaces, please provide actual monthly rent, if that includes property maintenance or utilities, and any other fees. Floor plans and pics are super helpful too. Thank you!

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