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Job Postings

ReEvolution is seeking several facilitators and two case managers for an immediate start date to help expand and support our mission and programs. To learn more, please read about each respective position below.



ReEvolution is a network of people building resilience and facilitating positive change and healing in system-impacted communities. We are looking for a few like-minded facilitators to join us. Our programs draw on restorative justice practices with an emphasis on self-discovery, intergenerational healing, and modeling new leadership paradigms as a way of being. Excellent communication skills, willingness to participate in open dialogue and willingness to self-reflect and grow as a team are essential elements of what we aspire to do. 


The individuals in these positions will be responsible for facilitating ReEvolution’s Junior Mentor Program and/or Restorative Mentor Training in a designated California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) institution.  Our Junior Mentor program targets the 18–25-year-old demographic and our Restorative Mentor Training is available to all. 


Job Locations:  

Junior Mentor Program @ Ironwood State Prison, Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, California City Correctional Facility, and the California Institution for Women.

Restorative Mentor Training @ California City Correctional Facility, California Rehabilitation Center, and the California Institution for Women .

Position Type: Independent Contractor 

Wages: $250 per primary session / $150 if additional alternative session .

*(Reimbursement for travel, including hotel if necessary).

Job Category: Nonprofit 501(c)(3) – Social Services 


Essential Job Functions 

  • Participate in training (ReEvolution anticipates one day-long training per program prior to activation, for which facilitators will be compensated) 

  • Complete all required personnel documentation for ReEvolution 

  • Complete all required documentation for CDCR clearance 

  • Prepare for sessions, including coordinating agendas and tasks with co-facilitator(s) 

  • Facilitate the Junior Mentor Program and/or Restorative Mentor Training Program once or twice each month, one primary session of approximately six hours and one alternative session of approximately two hours (to be determined). We are seeking weekend days. 

  • Assess class progress and needs, and work with ReEvolution to adjust accordingly 

  • Hold safe space and create community that allows restorative dialogue and input from all participants 

  • Complete documentation for reimbursement (mileage, etc.) and submit in a timely manner according to ReEvolution procedures 

  • Complete and submit session summary, sign-in sheets, etc., following each in-prison visit 

  • Participate in monthly check-ins and biannual evaluations with ReEvolution staff  

  • In the event of a modified program at your institution that prevents on-site delivery (due to COVID, for example), ReEvolution will discuss with you alternative services, such as reading and providing feedback to correspondence packets 


Essential Qualifications  

  • Experience facilitating groups/circle processes 

  • Familiarity with restorative based practices 

  • Knowledge of the criminal justice system 

  • Writing and computer skills 

  • Ability to pass CDCR clearance requirements 

  • Openness to growth and learning 


Applications being accepted currently and on an ongoing basis for an immediate start date. Please send inquiries to with a subject of "Facilitator Openings"


ReEvolution is seeking two full time case managers to support our community members in their reentry process. This process will include system navigation starting with in-reach while incarcerated, assisting with parole plans, assisting with reentry needs, providing substance use disorder treatment and relapse prevention services, and working with various in- house or referral services on an ongoing basis/as needed. 

We take a holistic, client-centered approach to reentry support that is focused on improving the psychosocial and functional health of community members with complex needs, served at a single point or through primary, ongoing case management.  

These positions are open to formerly incarcerated individuals who have a passion to assist their community and facilitate smoother transitions for people as they rebuild their lives with support and dignity. Case managers will partner with community members and their loved ones to identify needs and goals in accordance with their personal, familial, and cultural lenses. 

The practice of case management at ReEvolution is a professional and collaborative process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services best suited to each individual’s needs. Our intention is to improve the experience of overall care as we utilize open communication, sensitivity, and knowledge of available resources to promote overall wellness, quality living, and positive outcomes. . 


Job Location: Los Angeles County 

Position Type: Full Time 

Educational Level: High School Diploma Required

*Preference for Equivalent with either Substance Use Counseling Certification (CADTP, CAADE, or CCAPP) and/or BBS License (LCSW, LPCC, LMFT) but not required.

Salary: $55K Annually to Start 

Job Category: Nonprofit 501(c)(3) – Social Services 



  • Case managers will be formerly incarcerated people based in Los Angeles County. 

  • Substance Use Counseling Certification (CADTP, CAADE, or CCAPP) and/or BBS License (LCSW, LPCC, LMFT) preferred, but not required:

    • Experience providing SUD counseling 

    • Experience conducting mental health needs assessments 

    • Experience creating care plans for people with mental health needs 

  • Knowledge of the criminal justice system 

  • Familiarity with social service providers in LA County 

  • Preference is for someone who speaks Spanish fluently 

  • Ability to utilize and maintain emails, case management notes, databases, calendars, etc. 

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office 365 Online or enough familiarity with Microsoft Office in general, Outlook email, and file sharing/form making/note taking software such as Google Docs, DropBox, or something similar 

  • Familiarity with trauma informed care, motivational interviewing, and peer mentoring techniques 

  • A California driver’s license, a reliable vehicle, and willingness to drive throughout Los Angeles County as needed 

  • Ability to communicate and multi-task at a high level 

  • Great attention to detail and disciplined at following procedures 

  • Persistence and patience  

  • Good self-care and resilience 

  • Proactivity is essential 

  • Willingness to self-reflect, grow, and work with a team 

  • Ability to work well in a diverse population of coworkers, colleagues, and community members 

  • Embraces and embodies the mission of ReEvolution, including commitment to restorative values, trauma-informed care, and cultural competence 



  • Case management of a large caseload of formerly incarcerated participants  

  • Conducts screening, intake, and needs assessments with new community members 

  • Reassesses current community members as needed 

  • Provides and maintains rigorous case notes and reports 

  • Coaches clients and/or their families to facilitate achieving service plan goals in a manner to maximize client success and well-being 

  • Provides direct substance use disorder treatment in both individual and group modalities 

  • Participates in ongoing clinical and administrative supervision 

  • Coordinates various services across relevant agencies and works with community partners to maximize assistance for clients 

  • Advocates on behalf of clients and families for services, basic needs, and other related reentry issues 

  • Links clients to providers and resources, based on their cultural beliefs, values and identified needs (clinical, behavioral, and social determinants) across the continuum 

  • Works directly with the accounting department for proper accounting of expenses 

  • Composes and prepares correspondence, case notes, narrative and technical reports, notifications, and related documents for compliance and record keeping 

  • Conducts comprehensive, client-centered activities in accordance with best practices 

  • Attends community meetings that pertain to and stays abreast of community resources and procedures for referring clients out appropriately 

  • Flexibility to work in-office, office, attend community events, assist ReEvolution or other service providers with workshops, and travel to community members as needed  

  • Enhances services and outcomes, maintains privacy and confidentiality, and adheres to ethical, legal, and regulatory standards 

  • Performs other duties and assumes other responsibilities as needed

Applications being accepted currently and on an ongoing basis for an immediate start date. Please send inquiries to with a subject of "Case Managers"

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